Making an Offer

Good Old-Fashioned Horse-Tradin' in the Denver Real Estate Market

Buying a home in Denver almost always involves a process of negotiation. But before you start negotiating, the very first step is to make sure that this is the house you want, in the right Denver neighborhood—before making an offer. An offer to buy is a binding contract, so before you submit it, take the time to do a full inspection of the property. Besides looking at the house and the neighborhood on your own, you also want to hire a certified Denver home inspector to check out the structural elements of the home. There will be an inspection period in the contract which gives you time to have the home inspected, and then to resolve those issues with the seller within a predetermined period of time.    Keep in mind too, that any verbal promises that are made are not enforceable—it all needs to go into the written proposal, which specifies the offering price, terms, and any special conditions. Your Realtor will have a standard form for making an offer, be sure to use this standard form to make sure you are compliant with all of the laws and procedures that are required. Typically, once your offer has been completed, your Realtor will present your offer to the seller on your behalf. The seller will either accept it and sign it, at which point it becomes a binding contract; or they will make a counter-offer. Your Denver realtor will help you through every step of the way, monitoring your dates and deadlines, ensuring that all the paperwork is complete, and that your earnest money is never in jeopardy.  

Your Realtor will help you complete your Offer. The most important part of your Offer is the price you would like to pay; but besides that, your Offer will also include several details, including any specific terms and conditions. It will include a target date for closing, as well as the amount of earnest money included with the offer. The Offer also includes details on who pays for what closing costs, such as inspections or title insurance; and it also includes information on the details of how taxes or any utilities are pro-rated. Lastly, it includes a time limit—giving the seller a deadline for responding, and for meeting your specific deadline objections. Once you’ve found the Denver property that you’d like to invest in, our office will help walk you through the offer process to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible.
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