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The property management experts at Denver Real Estate Moguls will help to turn your Denver real estate investment into a turnkey business

As a Denver property management company, we know there’s a lot to consider when investing in Denver real estate, and if you’re a strategic real estate investor or a home owner you don’t want to have to deal with the minor details of your rental property. While you focus on financing, cash flow, rental income and making the best deals in the best neighborhoods, the property managers at Denver Real Estate Moguls will take care of managing the Denver rental property for you.  Whether your an investor with multiple Denver rental properties or an owner with just one rental property, our property management Denver specialist can help to create a stress free environment for your real estate rental property portfolio.  

Maintaining A Rental Property

Owning rental properties in Denver is a profitable business—but as it is in any city, there’s a lot involved, including; tenant screening, emergency calls, ongoing maintenance, calls from tenants, property inspections, late payments, evictions, and when your Denver property is vacated, finding the best tenants through extensive marketing.  Your best strategy in business is to make the best use of your time—and in most cases, your time is better spent looking for another rental property or real estate deals and investment properties, rather than fixing pipes and chasing down late payments.

Getting Quality Tenants Is Extremely Important

If you have tenant problems that is not only more work for your Denver property management provider but also more headaches for you (We conduct thorough tenant screening in hopes of getting the very best (credit checks, background checks, employment checks, landlord and referral checks, etc.).  Getting good qualified tenants that treat your property with respect is of the upmost importance.  As Denver property managers, we work hard to ensure you get the right tenants into your investment property and rental homes. We're here for all your Denver property management needs.

Skilled Property Managers On Your Side

Our property management team has the expertise in this area, and are able to get things done faster, more efficiently, and at lower cost than if you do it yourself, and the fees are quite reasonable. For information on property management, our Property Management Denver Division can help you. For a management quote give our professional rental property staff a call today at 720-284-4411, or email for more information on our leasing and property management services in Denver, CO.

 Why Use A Property Management Firm in Denver?

 Leasing and Denver Property Management Service we provide:

·         Pricing your home or residential property by running a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) on your home.  Using the internet and actual leg work to maximize the price of renting your investment properties.  The more money you make the more we make as a residential property manager.

·         Marketing your single family homes or apartment buildings.  Our property management team is great at getting your condo, apartment, rental homes or any other property out there and widening the pool of prospective tenants.  Our property management team and experience really comes into play here.  We will also let you know what may help to maximize your rental dollars.  Our vacancy rate is close to zero...

·         If you have a home or single family homes for rent, our property management team will find quality tenants.  Quality tenants provide much less stress and may be a tenant for years to come.  We screen and background check all of our tenants, checking tenant scores, backgrounds, previous landlords and employment.

·         Putting together all lease documents including; lease, lead based paint disclosures, statement of unit, owner’s agreement and rental applications. 

·         Setting up the move in process and facilitating a smooth transaction. 

·         Monthly invoicing.  You will be sent a monthly invoice (with any vendor invoices if work was performed) with a check (usually around the 10th) or you may use our direct deposit system.  We will also provide you with year-end 1099s. 

·         Handling all repairs and scheduling the maintenance (our property management team will check in with you and keep you up to speed on the situation and cost). WE NEVER ADD ANY COST TO THE AMOUNT CHARGED BY OUR SERVICE PROVIDERS.  The service providers we use have been vetted, treat our tenants and properties with respect and stand by their work!

·         Our property management team will help you with any legal or conviction concerns that do arise.  We are not lawyers but, we will help you find the proper consultation, represent you In court (if applicable), and serve the necessary paper work.   

·         Periodic checks on the rental properties, and/or drive by checks.

·         We will look the property over for the final move out to assess the overall condition and facilitate the deposit return.

Our property management company will never charge you until we put a renter into your property!
Mention how you found us (it must be this website) and recive $50 OFF our initial set up fee (1/2 months rent or a minimum of $500), paid once a renter is put into place.  We are less expensive than most property management companies at 7-8% per month and we pride ourselves on our customer service. When it comes to property management Denver residents choose Denver Real Estate Moguls.

As a property management company here are the Duties we don’t provide:

·         We do not provide legal advice or services.  However, our property management team will help you find the experienced attorneys, serve notices (for FREE) and even appear in your stead in court if necessary. 

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Exceptional communication and treating your rental properties as though we own it defines us as a Denver property management company, we go above and beyond to please.  The management of your home is extremely important to us, we will not betray your trust. Contact us today and find out why we are different from other property management companies in Denver, CO.

Thanks so much, Sean J. Gilliland (Owner).


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