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The Internet - It's a Virtual World

It's a Virtual World

Internet Tools for Denver Investors

There’s nothing like doing an actual walk-through, and seeing a beautiful Denver property first-hand before making a decision to invest. But the Internet can save a lot of time, and is often used by investors and home buyers to sort through properties and create a “short list” for actual visits. Most online real estate listings will include digital photographs of the exterior and interior, 360 degree views, and virtual tours of Denver homes that can give you a very good idea of a property’s condition. Typically, these types of services are not available with bank owned properties. If you’re looking through hundreds of properties to try to find one or two ideal investment buys, then the virtual listings will save you a lot of time in visiting unsuitable properties. But don’t stop at the online listing. Free aerial maps, such as Google Maps, allow you to zoom in on a property, and also inspect the entire neighborhood, from the comfort of your desk. The initial listing may show a beautiful home, but it won’t show that it’s next door to the railroad tracks, or that there are three vacant lots on the same block. The aerial view available on this free tool will give you a better picture of the entire neighborhood. Also, many municipalities are putting property plat maps online. If you have questions or concerns about the actual boundary of the property, then you can avoid a visit to the County office just by checking out the online site.

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